The Jet-Black Curtiss Zeus Electric Bike Does 0-100 in 2.1 Seconds

Curtiss Motorcycles are continuing to dabble in the world of EV bikes following the release of the ‘Hera’ with a new modular-style design called the ‘Zeus Bobber’.

Sporting a glossy black aluminium frame and solid carbon wheels, the new 215-kilogram superbike will be capable of a 450-kilometre range and bang out just shy of 200Nm of torque. The Bobber’s 0-100 dash – you guessed it – will be priced to match such explosive power clocking in at a mere 2.1 seconds.

What’s possibly even more appealing, however, is the ‘Cafe’ version of the Zeus EV racer in a Stormtrooper colourway. Both bikes will start from $60,000 USD ($84,000 AUD) with production slated for early 2020. Read more on Curtiss Motorcycles’ website.

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