Someone Turned Their Tesla Model 3 Into A Goddamn Tank

Tesla Model 3 Tank

The line between genius and insanity is incredibly fine. As for which side beloved YouTubers The Real Life Guys have taken residency after transforming a perfectly good Tesla Model 3 into an electric off-road-ready tank? We’ll let you be the judge.

Over the course of four weeks “day and night,” the mad German scientists would successfully engineer something Elon Musk himself probably fantasises about riding into the Kremlin to take on old man Putin mano e mano. Incidentally, the lads even offered to take the C-suite memelord out for a spin (“We still have one empty seat… Elon, do you want to take a ride?).

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The majority of the required labour involved constructing a bespoke subframe and heaving tank tracks, which apparently weigh approximately 1.3 tons each. And for their efforts, The Real Life Guys have been rewarded with an almost-comical 31 inches / 80 centimetres of ground clearance to endure rough terrains, so long as there’s a charging station close by (as well as viral internet fame).

In the event this behemoth somehow finds itself stuck somewhere, there’s a front winch with an impressive six-ton capacity. But we’ll gave to wait for a proper test drive video to be released before we get an idea of a) how effectively it can navigate the great big world, and b) whether said winch will help when all six tons get bogged down. One thing’s for certain: that range is taking a nosedive, given all the extras that powertrain now has to tow.

Check out The Real Life Guys’ Tesla Model 3 Tank below.