The 91-Metre Superyacht Malaysia Can’t Offload For An Easy $182 Million

The massive luxury yacht, named ‘Equanimity’, being sold courtesy of Burgess Yachts comes complete with all the usual trappings you would imagine 91-metres of pure opulence affords: gym, pool, art gallery, beauty salon, and (obviously) a helipad.

The ex-owner of Equanimity is the fugitive Jho Low who embezzled funds from the Malaysian government during the notorious 1MDB scandal. Other than this frankly preposterous boat buy, Low also loved to buy gifts for his friends – including a $5.3 million diamond pendant for Aussie Miranda Kerr and a $4.2 million Picasso painting for long-time pal Leonardo Dicaprio. 

Although selling the superyacht is proving to be a tad more difficult than expected, the Malaysian authorities insist there are up to 20 parties from all around the world currently checking it out. But the sale can’t come quick enough as monthly upkeep of the of Equanimity is costing Malaysian taxpayers a whopping $700,000. 

Have a squiz at the monolith below.

*All figures are shown in AUD.

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