Kanye West Gifts 2 Chainz $163,000 Sherp ATV For His Birthday

Rapper 2 Chainz celebrated his 43rd birthday this week – and what better way to kick off the big 4-3 than discovering a $163,000 Sherp Pro ATV just sitting in your driveway? A Sherp Peo ATV gifted by Kanye West, no less.

2 Chainz posted a handful of images to Instagram of the outrageous ATV with the caption: “Woke up to a really dope present – Virgo season is upon us.”

The Sherp Pro ATV is a Russian-built all-terrain vehicle that usually sports a multi-coloured paint scheme. 2 Chainzโ€™s Sherp, however, has been retrofitted with matte monochrome finish.

In terms of other unique cosmetic features, a gold plaque can be found on the body with the words “For 2 Chainz”, along with a quote from Proverbs 3:5-6.

The vehicle is capable of climbing over three-foot-tall obstacles and wade through water. Other than that, it’s unclear what the exact purpose the ATV will serve around the 2 Chainz’s property – or in fact, anyone’s property.

In a feature on Kanye West with GQ, it was reported that West has an entire fleet of 10 blacked-out Sherps for himself and guests to use while exploring his Wyoming Ranch. None of these match West’s personal Ripsaw EV2 tank, which in theory, should be highly illegal. But no… in America, it’ll just cost you US$500,000.