The Karlmann King Is The World’s Most Expensive SUV At $2.8M

The Karlmann King Is The World’s Most Expensive SUV At $2.8M

This thing is a monstrosity in more ways than one.

From the outside, the Karlmann King may as well be a Decepticon. Only 12 of these super heavy, super luxe beasts will be available worldwide, understandably so as the price fluctuates around the ludicrous $2.2 million USD ($2.85 million AUD) mark.

The somewhat frightening and slightly hideous vehicle is a product of Chinese firm IAT Automobile Technology and was built by a team of 1,800 people across Europe. Based on Ford’s F-550 platform, the 4.5 tonne rock (it’s heavy AF) can be bulletproofed for an additional fee and an extra 1.5 tonnes, taking it to a whopping 6-tonne curb weight, which will likely leave an indent in the concrete should it sit at the traffic lights for too long.

Built from predominantly carbon-fiber and steel, the panel shapes are akin to a stealth fighter-bomber, the entire SUV clocking in at a massive 6 metres in length.

Let’s be honest here, this car is borderline painful to look at. Inside, however, is why it has earnt itself a start on Boss Hunting. Customers are privy to an entirely bespoke interior design, with all of the car’s secret spy gadgets controllable from the passenger’s smartphone. The highlights include Hi-Fi sound, an ultra-HD 4K television set and private safe box, all set under an ambient LED night sky lighting similar to a Rolls-Royce.

The Karlmann King was released last year and is marketed presumably to those in low places with even deeper pockets. You’d have to have a lot of enemies to take the luxury out of a Phantom VIII and put it in a tank.

Swipe through the gallery below to sample the possibly interior colourways.