— 22 December 2020

Living With The New Defender For 7 Days

— 22 December 2020
John McMahon
John McMahon

From cattle-stations to war zones and every country club driveway in between – Land Rover’s iconic Defender has finally been reincarnated for the modern age.

Avid readers and followers of BH would have watched Jack and John’s off-road review of the 2020 Defender from the national launch back in August, but one question has been burning on their minds ever since – what is the new Defender actually like to live with?

It’s one thing hammering through mud ruts and rivers out in the bush, it’s another trying to fight off peak hour traffic and find a park (actually big enough for the 5-metre car) in Bondi.

So to that end, for our week-long loan of the 2020 Land Rover Defender, John takes you behind the scenes of what it’s like to live with the big unit day by day.

Amongst the hits and misses, there’s one caveat to the arrival of this revamped icon – have Land Rover cannibalised the sales of their own Discovery? Watch the video above to find out.

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John McMahon
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