How rich do you have to be to mount a $2 million supercar in your living room?

To even just own a Pagani Zonda R, you'll need well over 2 million Aussie dollars. Aside from the fact there were only 15 ever made, this particular V12 Italian stallion has somehow made it into the living room of this outlandish Miami residence.

The 4,200-square-foot oceanfront condo, which in itself is valued at USD $8 million, now boasts the exclusive supercar in its living room as a divider between it and the master suite. Miami Curbed report that Artefacto Home Staging was employed to help hoist the piece of 'automotive art' up and into the apartment through the open balcony doors. The car was then flipped on its side and placed on an aluminium stand designed to give the impression the vehicle is floating between the two rooms.

This might seem excessive, and don't get us wrong, it definitely is, but it's not the first time such insane scenes have been witnessed of die-hard car lovers and their interior design plans. A bloke in Sao Paulo, Brazil once mounted Senna's Formula One Lotus to his 22nd-floor ceiling. You read that right.

Images by Finish My Condo