The Mil-Spec Hummer H1 Is Built For Off-Roading

When the world descends into nuclear conflict and civilisation as we know it collapses, which would you rather be riding into the dusty, fallout-damaged horizon: a Toyota Prius… or the Mil-Spec Hummer H1?

While the former may be far more fuel efficient, as you’ll soon discover, the latter offers a heavy-duty flair that’ll certainly come in handy. Powered by an LBZ 6.6L Duramax diesel engine, Mil-Spec’s Hummer can generate 500 horsepower, 1355.8 Nm of torque, and achieve a top speed of 154.5 km/h. According to Mil-Spec, the 0-60 tests have yielded results between the “low six [seconds] to high five [seconds]”. Impressive considering the 1,271 kg total weight.

In case it wasn’t abundantly clear by that mean exterior, this bad boy is built to last, even after having endured the most gruelling of terrains. Everything from the drivetrain to the suspension has been redesigned and upgraded by Mil-Spec for the sole purpose of enhancing its off-roading capabilities. There’s even a 30-gallon extended range aluminium fuel cell, as well as steel skid plates along the underside of the vehicle; throw in 45.72cm of ground clearance and virtually nothing will slow you down.

As for the exterior, the body is comprised of aerospace-grade aluminium panels. But just to err on the side of caution, the body paint is also covered with an additional layer of Kevlar-infused polyurethane exterior coating.

The Mil-Spec Hummer H1 starts at US$269,500 – which includes the donor vehicle. Each model is built-to-order and available in three different body configurations: hardtop (default), wagon, and slantback.

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