Check Out Uncrate x Ronin’s $46,000 Blacked-Out 47 Motorcycle

Check Out Uncrate x Ronin’s $46,000 Blacked-Out 47 Motorcycle

Uncrate and Ronin have just collaborated on a design-manufacture effort, and the end product is just… gorgeous. As of now, you can order yourself one of these said products: the Uncrate x Ronin Blacked-Out 47 motorcycle– priced at $46,000 USD.

This collaboration includes not just one, but two “… identical blacked-out motorcycles…”. Both offer a maximum speed of 160 MPH (257.5 KMPH) with 130 rear-wheel horsepower. Each bike weighs approximately 425 lbs (192.77 kgs).

The limited Uncrate version will feature a satin black airbox cover and black paint on the front/rear main springs, front fork links, as well as the subframe. 

Smoke grey has been utilised to replace the taillight lens, with the cast rearsets replaced by black anodized billet parts straight from vintage racers. Additionally, the muffler endcaps have also been repainted in black cerakote, and the entire exhaust wrapped in black header tape. 

To top this all off with a flourish, the seats have been reupholstered in black leather by Clint Wilkinson, “… giving this unique, limited bike a menacing look worthy of its fierce namesake…”. 

Check out the full gallery above. Find out more here.