‘The Island’: Nauta Design Yachts Now Feature An Expandable Beach Club
— Updated on 22 December 2020

‘The Island’: Nauta Design Yachts Now Feature An Expandable Beach Club

— Updated on 22 December 2020
Chris Singh
Chris Singh

In an attempt to create a more seamless dialogue between the interior and exterior in the world of luxury yachts, Nauta Design has been slowly integrating “The Island” into several of their concepts. Now that patents for the beach club concept have been approved by regional authorities in Italy, Turkey, and the wider EU, we can expect to see more of these incredible open-plan designs completely redefining some of the Milanese design studio’s finest works.

Most recently, The Island was beautifully showcased on Nauta’s 78.4-metre concept “Slipstream” in 2019, doubling down on the studio’s preference for clean and uncluttered lines, complemented by long overhangs and extensive use of glass.

The expansive design that defines the beach club concept of new Nauta designs is hinged on seamless openings to the surrounding environment, working primarily with fold-down bulwarks to transform the afterdeck into an elegant, spacious terrace with balanced, low-rise proportions, and predominantly horizontal lines.

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On “Slipstream”, the beach club is realised through a number of features, including a sea-water swimming pool integrated into the stern platform, for guests who seek a more sheltered alternative to the open-water bathing so readily available. The pool design features a hydraulic mechanism so the teak bottom can be raised to close flush with the deck when it’s not in use, creating space which can function as a dance floor or for operational purposes.

On the 70-metre “Moonflower”, which also benefits from The Island, a spa and wellness area with a Hamman, sauna shower, and change room is located forward of the beach club.

Other definitive design aspects include a full-beam lounge with a fire pit, bar, and a Nemo window offering underwater views using glass that descends below the waterline. The airy interiors are brought outside through easy access via the afterdoor or side terraces, which opens to port and starboard to form a walkway running around the stern. 

Moving forward, The Island is now considered a signature feature of a number of designs developed by Nauta, proposed for superyachts measuring between 54 to 96 metres. The concept was first seen in 2017 with the 75-metre “Dune”, followed by the aforementioned 78.4-metre “Slipstream” which has 66sqm of supplementary area provided by the opened beach club. The Island will add an additional 46sqm to the 85-metre “Wave”, and an extra 53sqm to the 96-metre “Air”. 

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“The Island concept began with 75-metre Dune that was developed for a specific client who didn’t want the pool on the main deck aft and instead asked for a seamless connection between the main deck and sea level,” said Mario Pedol, who founded Nauta Design in 1985 alongside Massimo Gino. 

“Hence our idea of opening the area up on the sides to increase the surface area, improving circulation and providing spectacular contact with the sea. After all, the best reason to invest in a superyacht is to be able to enjoy what is all around you in the most direct way possible”.

For more information on The Island by Nauta Design, head to the official website linked below.

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