The 750-foot ‘Valkyrie’ Will One Day Be The World’s Largest Superyacht

The 750-foot ‘Valkyrie’ Will One Day Be The World’s Largest Superyacht

Although it has the look of an intergalactic spaceship, this is 750-feet (229 metres) of pure superyacht luxury. Once construction is complete, yachting will be open to the public – thought with a hefty price tag, we can safely assume.

While it is still in its design stage, the superyacht is being referred to as ‘Project Valkyrie.’ The yacht is far more than just an entry into the record books – a casino, movie theatre, club, art gallery, and convention hall will all be found onboard. And what makes a superyacht, ‘super’, if it doesn’t come with a helipad? Standard.

You’d expect the designer of this behemoth to be some well-connected, well-established, and well-aged veteran of the yacht-building industry. You’d be wrong. Korean-born Chulhun Park came up with the concept while studying for his master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in London. ‘Project Valkyrie’ became Park’s thesis, and he soon found backing from the Monaco-based Palmer Johnson Yachts, who make some of the coolest vessels in the business.

With an estimated construction cost of $1.1 billion AUD, all parties involved are hoping they can make their money back by filling the 26 cabins with the world’s most luxury-obsessed holiday goers. 

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