The Restored Ex-Military G-Wagens By Expedition Motor

Built between 1990 and 1993, a small fleet of Mercedes-Benz 250GD G-Wagens has been fully restored by Expedition Motor. The vehicle, supplied to the German Army, colloquially became known as the “Wolf”.

Almost three decades on, the New Jersey-based company has set about on a mission to restore the fleet of gorgeous 90’s babies to their original glory. The G-Wagen pictured below, for example, is a 1992 Mojave Silver 250GD which Expedition claim required over 1,000 hours to completely refit.

To give these wheels the proper revamp they deserved, Expedition began by pulling apart the cars to their bare minimum, replacing and rebuilding anything from the ground up that didn’t make the 2020 cut.

This means that the five-speed gearboxes are brand spanking new, as are the brakes, springs and the slick all-new LED headlights.

The 250GD G-Wagens sport 2.5-litre diesel engines and are offered in a variety of colours, bumper styles and with an assortment of options such as front winches and jerry cans. After your order is lodged, the restoration can take between 12 and 16 weeks with prices starting at US$90,000 for the finished product.

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