Rolls-Royce’s Debut SUV Just Went On A Dune Bashing Frenzy In The Desert

Rolls-Royce’s Debut SUV Just Went On A Dune Bashing Frenzy In The Desert

Rolls-Royce cars are the apex of the automotive industry. When they finally decide to make an SUV, sorry, ‘high-bodied car’ (as per HQ’s instructions), then they better bloody nail it.

Everything the RR badge touches is a stamp of confident luxury that is synonymous with reassurance and peace of mind for each customer. They’re million dollar cruisers for a reason.

At the beginning of this month, Rolls-Royce took its final leap towards launching their debut SUV (it may as well be, if Aston Martin can call this an SUV), by teaming up with National Geographic to create a globe-trotting mini-documentary series. In collaboration with NatGeo photographers and adventurers and supervised by engineers from the RR factory itself, the camo-wrapped Cullinan prototype traversed everything from the muddy Scottish Highlands, to the snow-buried Austrian Alps and most recently, the blistering deserts of the Middle East.

On its final outing, which you can watch below, the Cullinan was let loose thrashing and sliding across the unblemished sand with a certain level of British finesse and confidence, instructed by a legendary local tour guide from the region. 

I can say with almost definite certainty that none of the Cullinans ever produced (aside from the lucky show pony in this documentary) will ever see a grain of sand anywhere near them, let alone mud and snow also. Though, if you’re dropping that much coin on said whip, it’s nice to know you’re not just getting a flashy empty shell and it can hold its own when it needs to.

Head to RR’s YouTube channel for all the episodes.