Traverse The Globe Aboard The Royal Huisman ‘Aquarius’

The bold adventurer, the daring seafarer, the brave explorer. These are favourite archetypes of a world past; a world blossoming with possibilities, where maps were just beginning to be filled in and continents other than Europe were becoming more and more detailed. Although the days of exploring the vast blue oceans with no concept of what may lie on the other side are gone, we can still dream. And that dream is made so much easier with the Royal Huisman Aquarius.

Royal Huisman Aquarius simply utilises classic yachting design and modern nautical technology to traverse the seas in style and comfort. Designed by Dykstra Naval Architects, the owner desired a multi-faceted craft – fast enough to partake in the odd regatta yet luxurious enough to cruise the waters of the world. This fine combination has been made a reality.

“We needed to provide good performance for long passages, but also ease of handling. We wanted to make it possible to get set up and sail off an anchorage in well under an hour, sail for a few hours, and then still enjoy an afternoon of relaxation or water sports.” – Erik Wassen, senior Dykstra designer.

To achieve this special feat, staggering downward sails measuring 32,292 square feet were installed. To increase ease of handling, remote units are used to raise or lower the ginormous sails. Under the shade of the sails, an open and lengthy top deck allows for plenty of space to socialise or just kick back. Classic timber with light grey accents is a classic addition to the deep blue of the body.

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On the inside, space is nearly as plentiful. Nestled among the bulkheads, couches and resting areas clear way for a more spacious interior. This main area is just the beginning. Heading down the stairs, one will find the luxurious owner’s suite and guest rooms. A gym and cinema room have been added for good measure.

Royal Huisman’s Aquarius is a classic yet innovative yacht. Traversing the globe has never been so luxurious or appealing.