Tesla Is Installing Retro Atari Games To Stay Relevant

Cutting edge for the shareholders but retro for the consumers, both Tesla and Atari have just announced a partnership which will see the rollout of games to play in the car’s centre console. And as early as in the next four weeks. God bless Elon Musk, a fellow dork to many of us. 

With Tesla’s 9.0 vehicle software update will come Missile Command (of course), Tempest, and Pole Position. This will just be the start, as more will apparently join these three welcome additions in future releases.

Some of these games won’t be played in the standard touch format, either. Pole Position’s controls, for example, is reportedly linked to the Tesla vehicle’s actual steering wheel. The vehicle in question will need to be stopped (obviously). Something that Musk himself has made clear. Never *dink* and drive.

Necessary? No. In demand? Debatable. Gimmicky? You bet your ass. But the important part here isn’t any of these factors. The important part here is the question of fun. We’re pretty much dead the moment we forget how to enjoy ourselves, so for all, you sceptics out there that want to bag out this decision, take a hike. Your negatively charged opinions will not kill our collective vibe. 

Okay fine, we do admit that someone, somewhere *cough Musk* seems like they’re desperately trying to keep a sinking ship afloat. Or, at the least, distracting us from it.