WATCH: Drone Flies Over 1,000 Plus Classic Auto Mall Cars In 3 Minutes

In today’s edition of momentary distractions before you start pretending to work from home again, we’d like to divert your attention towards this fascinating virtual tour. Posted online by videographer, Nick Lang, the footage below involves a drone flying over 1,000 plus classic cars in just three minutes at Classic Auto Mall.

This collection is comprised of some good looking whips dating back from the 1900s all the way through to the 1970s. Unsurprisingly, it requires some 336,000 square feet to be displayed in the manner in which you see.

Adding to the entire spectacle is the fact that what you see also required two days of planning and route mapping. According to Lang, he didn’t want to leave any of these classic cars out.

“Since there were so many iconic cars in each room, I decided to pick the best path that would cover the majority of the cars instead of selecting a few that I really wanted to highlight,” says Lang.

Watch the full video now.

So you think you’re a car guy?
Try to name as many cars displayed in Classic Auto Mall as possible – and for those of you who want more of a challenge, see how many you can do in the least amount of video replays (maximum of 5 pauses each play).

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