The World’s Most Popular Private Jet Just Got A Luxe Revamp

The World’s Most Popular Private Jet Just Got A Luxe Revamp

The private jet game is a fierce and another dimension of the aviation world entirely. Very few of us will ever get a chance to experience such a form of travel, but chances are if you have – or ever will – the Embraer Phenom 300 will be your chariot of choice.

This six person aircraft has been the backbone of the entry-level private jet sphere for years now and is naturally also its most popular. Since 2013 it has been the fastest selling and most successful private aircraft on the market with over 400 delivered to nearly 40 different countries.

At the 2017 National Business Aviation Association exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada, Embraer unveiled their revamped Phenom 300E – E standing for ‘Enhanced’. The small-scale plane can reach a distance of 3,450 kilometres and a speed of 840kph thanks to bi-turbofan Pratt & Whitney Canada PW535E engines pumping out 3,360 pounds of thrust.

Embraer’s interior design boss, Jay Beever, has sought to make the cabin of the aircraft the focus of the face-lift. A new seat configuration boasts a refreshed, cross stitched finish resembling many luxury car leather seats. The redesigned tech panel is hidden behind folding screens and mounted to the centre roofline behind dark glass.

The upgraded Lufthansa Technik infotainment systems are also stashed within the arm rest and the plane’s wifi connectivity has been optimised to impressive speeds.

Deliveries of the next generation Phenom are expected to roll out in early 2018.