Australian Open 2020 Prize Money Revealed

Australian Open 2020 Prize Money Revealed

The Australian Open is once again in full swing. And it hasn’t disappointed yet, with the debut Grand Slam of the year bringing some killer showdowns to Melbourne.

Novak Djokovic prevailed over Roger Federer just last night, Nick Kyrgios displayed a career-best performance against Rafael Nadal before eventually making a graceful exit, and let’s not forget the absolute nailbiters that were Ash Barty’s matches before her own exit.

But just how much are these players getting paid for inside the courts? (Outside the courts are an entirely separate matter with far stronger numbers.)

As it so happens, the Australian Open 2020 has recently announced that this year’s prize money clocks in at an all-time record high of $71 million. A considerable 13.6% increase from the 2019 figures, and an even more considerable 412% increase in the twenty years since 2001 (due to a relatively paltry total of $13.9 million). The revised distribution includes an increased focus on both qualifiers and early-round losers. 

Here’s what players receive for each match from the Australian Open prize pool alone, round by round, win or loss (with the exception of winner and runner-up, of course).

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