Canelo Alvarez Has Major Beef With Lionel Messi After “Insulting” World Cup Act
— 29 November 2022

Canelo Alvarez Has Major Beef With Lionel Messi After “Insulting” World Cup Act

— 29 November 2022
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Boxing great Saul “Canelo” Alvarez has issued a warning to Lionel Messi after what many have acknowledged to be a grave misunderstanding.

After beating Alvarez’s native Mexico 2-0 during a nailbiting game in Group C at this year’s FIFA World Cup, footage emerged of Argentina’s locker room celebration. But what Alvarez has taken issue with isn’t the taste of defeat nor the celebration itself.

It’s the fact that Messi, the Argentinian national squad’s captain, accidentally nudged a Mexican jersey with his foot while removing his boots. Something the professional brawler has obviously (mis)interpreted as both premeditated and malicious.

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“Did you see Messi cleaning the floor with our shirt and flag???” Alvarez tweeted in a fury, referencing the video in which Messi appears to kick a Mexico national jersey in the changing room during Argentina’s celebrations.

Alvarez added: “He better pray to God that I don’t find him! Just like I respect Argentina, he has to respect Mexico… I’m not talking about the country as a whole, just about the bullshit that Messi pulled.”

Several jumped to Lionel Messi’s defence immediately after, including former Argentina teammate Sergio Aguero (AKA Kun Aguero).

Canelo Alvarez Has Major Beef With Lionel Messi After "Insulting" World Cup Act
(Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images)

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“Mr Canelo, don’t look for excuses or problems, surely you don’t know about football and what happens in a changing room,” tweeted Aguero.

“The shirts are always on the floor after games have finished due to sweat and then if you look properly, he makes the movement to remove his boot and accidentally hits it.”

You’d certainly hate to be the fella who tells one of the world’s best active pound-for-pound boxers, a boxer who’s won multiple titles across four different weight divisions, to calm down in person. But given Canelo Alvarez is still tweeting about Lionel Messi and Argentina at the 2022 FIFA World Cup – as in literally an hour prior to this article’s publishing – we might be waiting a while before anyone actually does.

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