WATCH: An Elite Sprinter Tries Rugby (And It’s Not Even Close)

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Athletes crossing over sports is always entertaining. Conor McGregor to boxing, Jarryd Hayne to American football, those guys in that Jon Hamm Disney movie that went from cricket to baseball (I forget their names). The appeal is seeing just how transferable their skills are.

And then there’s Carlin Isles. A high school Track and Field star that set records before he could even legally drink. Isles would continue his sprinting career in college, as well as participating in American football. But when he decided to try his hand – or rather, legs – out at rugby sevens, it wasn’t even fucking close.

In the video below, you can watch as literally no one on the field manages to even dream of keeping up with his unrelenting pace. 

Isles made his debut US national rugby sevens team in 2012 as a second-half substitute against New Zealand. He scored a try in his first minute, later going on to score three tries in total over the course of the entire tournament. This video is a perfect showcase of his sheer speed.

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