Cristiano Ronaldo’s Next-Level Workout Is All About Explosive Power
— 1 July 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Next-Level Workout Is All About Explosive Power

— 1 July 2018
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Boss Hunting

Success is equal parts talent as it is determination and discipline. Five-time Ballon d’Or winner and Portuguese national team hero Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t curl mind-bending free kicks into the top corner after just rolling out of bed.

Professional Nike trainer Joaquin Juan, CR7’s personal fitness mentor, has shed some light on one of the world’s fittest and in-form football players. This particular 20-minute workout has been primarily designed to hammer your legs and work your strength from the ground up. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the exercises, head over to Muscle & Fitness for a how-to breakdown.

Warm Up

A single set of each of the following should get you limber and primed before getting stuck into the heavy stuff. 

– Hip twisters, side lying clam (40 seconds each side), side-lying t-stretches (40 seconds each side).

– Finish with a 50-second plank. Throw some bodyweight squats in there if you’re feeling really stiff.

Part One – Quads, glutes and hamstrings.

– Start with a single-leg glute bridge, 40 seconds each side.

– Reverse lunges with dumbbells, 30 seconds each side.

– Drop squat, 40 seconds.

Part Two – Strength and agility

– Side-lying leg raise, 50 seconds each side.

– Walking lunge, 50 seconds

– Jump squats, 30 seconds.

Part Three – Power moves baby

– Crossback lunge, 40 seconds

– Rear-foot elevated split squat, 40 seconds each side.

– Bodyweight squat, 30 seconds.

– Jump squats, 20 seconds.

For Cristiano Ronaldo’s full workout breakdown and guide to each of the exercises above, head over to Muscle & Fitness.

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