Ditch The Office To Work At A Baseball Game With “Business Person” Tickets
— 3 May 2018

Ditch The Office To Work At A Baseball Game With “Business Person” Tickets

— 3 May 2018
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

Kids. Dreams do come true. This particular dream being clocking into an office away from the office, a full view of a major league baseball game to gaze upon whenever those spreadsheets get a bit dull, accompanied by a beer and a burger. Specific? Perhaps. Real? Very. With the advent of the “Business Person Special” ticket. 

For the low, low price of $21 USD, you get yourself a standing room ticket to a weekday game, an eleven inch space for your laptop, obligatory wi-fi, a phat burger, and of course a beer (or soda for the weirdos that actually want to be productive). Calling it now, you’re not going to be seeing many sodas. As early reports from The Denver Post noted, “… it didn’t appear [as though] the other Business Persons in attendance were doing much business…”. Go figure.

There’s an argument for and against this bit of barstool innovation. 


  • It’s a fun idea. 
  • Baseball isn’t exactly a fast-paced sport, more of a slow, leisurely, relaxing Sunday arvo pastime. 
  • You could very easily get some correspondence done, bang out that bid or brief, even follow those sales leads you’ve been meaning to. 
  • Plus, beer and a burger (did I mention beer and/or burgers?). 


  • It is a standing ticket. After a few hours, no scratch that, half an hour, your feet are going to get tired. 
  • Also, it’s outdoors. Ever try to work outdoors? It’s a nice idea, but like, sun, wind, elements of nature– not exactly ideal. 

Fortunately for us Australians, there’s plenty of time for the geniuses behind this to work out the kinks before any of us give it a red hot go, having only just launched in Colorado. And there’s no rock solid guarantee it’ll reach our shores. But who knows, maybe some enterprising individual might offer to do the same thing for a more domestic sport. You know, a domestic sport that is equally as slow going. One that has been mired in global ball-tampering scandal and could use some good PR via blokey brownie points (HINT-FREAKING-HINT). 

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Garry Lu
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