The English Premier League Is On Track For Its Most Epic Final Day In Years
— 20 May 2022

The English Premier League Is On Track For Its Most Epic Final Day In Years

— 20 May 2022
Billy Booker
Billy Booker

The 2021/22 English Premier League season is set for an insane final day this Sunday night and like all good conclusions, there are multiple outcomes. Below, we’ll have a look at all of the possibilities and permutations for what should be the most exciting finish in years.

Before we get into what could happen at the top and bottom of the table, let’s break it down. All 20 teams (that’s 10 games) will play simultaneously on Monday morning at 1 AM (AEST). Wins are worth three points, draws one point, and zero for a loss. If you love live ladders in NBA or AFL, this is the same but on steroids. 

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Every year, the fear is there’ll be dead rubbers – games that mean nothing – but this season, there isn’t a single one. Each place on the ladder is worth $3.9 million more than the one below, and while neither Leicester City nor Southampton can win the title, play in Europe, or face relegation, they still have plenty to play for financially. A little tap-in around the 94th minute which sees your team rise three spots could be worth quite a bit on a frantic final day.  

The bottom three teams will be relegated to The Championship, and already, two of these teams know their fate: Norwich City and Watford. The final relegation place will be decided this Sunday.

The Main Event

Manchester City and Liverpool have been the two best teams all season and will battle it out for the title. The star-studded City is searching for their fourth title in five years, while Liverpool remains in the running for a historic quadruple if they can cause a last-ditch upset. The Reds have already won the FA Cu and the League Cup, as well as having locked in a date against Real Madrid to potentially win the Champions League on May 28th. 

Manchester City

In theory, it’s incredibly simple for Manchester City. If they defeat Aston Villa at home, they win the English Premier League for the sixth time. No ifs, buts, or coconuts. The title will be theirs, even if Liverpool wins 25-0.

The single point they’re clear of Liverpool is valuable, as it means City’s destiny lies in its own hands. Of course, City can also draw or lose and still win the entire thing. But they’d need Liverpool to draw or lose as well. That’s where it gets spicy. 


Liverpool’s gutsy 2-1 victory over Southampton mid-week saw them get within striking distance of Man City with just a week to play. They need City to lose or draw with Villa and to defeat the defensively-minded Wolverhampton at home to clinch the title. 

But wait, there’s more. Liverpool great Steven Gerrard is coaching Villa, meaning he has the chance to help his old team secure the title by achieving a result against City. He never won a title in 17 seasons as a player. Now, he can play his part from the Villa technical box. If Gerrard can pull it off, he may somehow because even more popular at Anfield (if that’s even possible). 

You can be sure that Liverpool fans will be supporting Wolves just as strongly as they support their own club on Sunday. One of the greatest elements of the last day of the season is seeing the crowd go ballistic after a team they’ve had previously no affliction for scores in another pitch just a few hours down the road. English football at its best.

If Liverpool and Man City end on the same points – which would only occur if Liverpool draws and City loses – then City would almost certainly be champions based on a six-goal difference. Although Aston Villa isn’t beating City 6-1 at Old Trafford, so you can rule that possibility out. 

European Spots Up For Grabs

While not as sexy as a title fight or relegation battle, the contest for European places in the upper half of the table is also critically important. The top four teams will automatically play Champions League soccer next season, while 5th and 6th will play in the Europa League (a second-tier competition, but still lucrative).

Arsenal is currently 5th and must win while hoping Tottenham lose to sneak into 4th. Manchester United is 6th and if they win, will remain there. However, if the Red Devils lose, they’ll open the door for West Ham to leapfrog them into a Europa League spot. The Hammers are assured of a 7th placed finish at worst, which also grants them a gig in the Conference League for 2022/23.

Relegation Battle

Everton came back from 2-0 at half-time overnight to survive relegation against Crystal Palace. Their fans stormed the pitch when the winner was scored as if they’d just won the league – an incredible fightback nonetheless. This leaves Burnley and Leeds to battle it out to avoid the final relegation spot. Burnley had a draw with Aston Villa overnight, meaning they’re ahead of Leeds on goal difference. 

Buckle up. Get your multiple screen set-up sorted. And have a Red Bull in hand. The final day of the 2021/22 English Premier League is going to be bloody awesome.

Billy Booker


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