A Tom Brady Reality Series Is Coming Soon
— 18 May 2021

A Tom Brady Reality Series Is Coming Soon

— 18 May 2021
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

During its upfront presentation, Fox teased a collaboration with 7-time Super Bowl champion and once-in-a-generation NFL quarterback Tom Brady in the form of a reality series.

“We also have an unscripted project with Tom Brady,” teased Charlie Collier, CEO of Fox Entertainment.

“Yes… that Tom Brady.”

Speculation has pegged Kinetic Content to helm the undertaking. According to Deadline, however, the project will likely be produced by 199 Productions – Brady’s own “multi-platform content company” launched in early 2020 to develop original premium content; ranging from feature films, documentaries, to television shows (unscripted or otherwise).

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Currently, Brady and 199 Productions have teamed up with Marvel director Joe & Anthony Russo – also known as The Russo Brothers – for a separate project… a “love letter to his sport” titled Unseen Football, which has been described as a “fast-paced, incandescent big-screen 3D adventure documentary designed to take viewers into the invisible realms of football, guided by the most successful quarterback in NFL history.”

A Tom Brady reality series from the Fox network won’t be the only unscripted bit of entertainment we’ll receive involving Tampa Bay’s star talent, either. Due to the tremendous global success of The Last Dance, ESPN revealed it would be releasing a 9-part documentary series about Tom Brady dubbed Man In The Arena, scheduled for release in late 2021.

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Man In The Arena will chronicle the Brady’s career, from being the 199th NFL draft pick – an insane moment of universal oversight from almost the entire league – to his very finest Super Bowl moments. The series will also obviously shine a spotlight on his personal life, as is the standard procedure with these kinds of affairs.

“Nine Super Bowl appearances over the course of 20 years is an achievement on an unmatched level,” says Connor Schell, Executive Producer of ESPN Films (note: this announcement was made prior to his most recent championship appearance + win with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Tom Brady as he reflects on each of those nine, season-long journeys and the pivotal moments that defined them.”

We’ll update you as the details come – check out the teaser trailer for ESPN’s Man In The Arena below.

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