WATCH: Bloke Walks On 600-Metre Tightrope From Eiffel Tower

Prolific French highline walker Nathan Paulin has successfully crossed the River Seine from the Eiffel Tower barefoot in celebration of the country’s annual Heritage Day. Arriving at the Chaillot Theatre roof adjacent to Trocadero Square, the slackline in question measured to a length of 600 metres, thickness of just 2.5 centimetres, all while suspended 70 metres above ground.

“It wasn’t easy walking 600 metres, concentrating, with everything around, the pressure… it was not as easy as I’d thought,” says Nathan Paulin.

“It was difficult to install this line because technically it’s complicated with regards to permits… But the conditions were pretty good and it was pretty nice, there were no major problems.”

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While the feat was no doubt impressive, this isn’t exactly the 27-year-old daredevil’s first rodeo, having previously pulled off a similar stunt on Heritage Day back in 2017. Nor was it his most death-defying. Nathan Paulin proudly retains a total of 10 world records, including the longest highline crossing of all time: 1,662 metres while 300 metres above ground, achieved at the Cirque de Navacelles (June 9th, 2017).

“I am happy to have made it and to have been able to share. That’s what matters, to be able to share with everyone,” adds Paulin.

“The motivation is about doing something beautiful and sharing it, and bringing something new to our monuments. It’s about bringing out monuments to life.”

Watch France’s tightrope star walk from the Eiffel Tower, crossing the River Seine, to end his journey at Trocadero Square above.