‘The Longest Day’ Challenges You To Play 72 Holes From Dawn To Dusk

Cancer Council NSW has announced details for The Longest Day

Cancer Council is bringing back their annual golf challenge, ‘The Longest Day’, to raise some much-needed funds in the fight towards a cancer-free future. 

For those unfamiliar with the initiative, the endurance golf marathon is designed to push passionate golfers, testing their skill, strength and stamina as they seek to successfully complete four full rounds – or less – from dawn to dusk.

It’s a challenge many keen golfers are eager to conquer, as evidenced by the positive turnout year on year as mates gather to raise funds for Cancer Council’s life-saving research, prevention and support services. 

Groups of golfers keen to get involved face three options upon registration. The Long Day throws down a goal of 36 holes across 2 rounds during daylight hours with The Longer Day upping the stakes to 54 holes across 3 rounds and the ultimate challenge; The Longest Day requiring 72 holes to be played across 4 rounds – kicking off at 5 am.

The Longest Day takes place in accordance with the summer solstice and will be held on the 14th of December 2020. Participants wishing to get involved can join an event at a participating club or hold their own event at a local golf club on the 14th or anytime during December. 

Cancer Council estimates that, across the state alone, roughly 47,500 people will be diagnosed with cancer in a single year, with around 15,500 deaths expected. If playing golf can support the research and prevention necessary to help battle this issue, then it’s little surprise as to why so many Aussies sign up for the annual event.

“Playing golf is a good way to keep active,” said Cancer Council’s Campaign Manager, Helen Van Nooten. “But as recreational golfers spend extended periods of time out in the sun, we want to remind all participants to use sun protection to reduce their skin cancer risk.” 

UV levels are high, especially during December, so anyone heading to the Cancer Council website to register for The Longest Day is encouraged to keep the national adage of “slip, slop, slap” in mind at all times.

To register head to the website linked below.