— Updated on 29 January 2023

WATCH: 16-Year-Old Snowboarding Prodigy Lands World’s First Backside 2160

— Updated on 29 January 2023
Garry Lu
Garry Lu

History was made this past week at Crans-Montana, Switzerland after Japanese snowboarder Hiroto Ogiwara stomped the first-ever backside 2160 (six full rotations).

The 16-year-old talent from Ushiku had initially set his sights on a backside 1800 (five full rotations), which he was unable to achieve a day prior at The Nines’22. But when the feat was done, dusted, and in the proverbial rearview mirror quicker than expected, our baby-faced hero eyed progression.

“After my first hit, I thought the jump was perfect and I could go for the 1800,” explains Hiroto Ogiwara.

“When I landed the 18, I realised I still had some time left over, so I thought: ‘Maybe I can go for it.’”

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The sixth rotation simply wasn’t to be found in the first five unsuccessful attempts. Once he gathered the necessary momentum, however, it was clean.

“On the last try, the takeoff felt so good and everything in the air was right, so I knew I had it. The instant I landed it, I was kind of shocked and wasn’t sure if I’d actually done it.”

“I watched the video and was stoked and surprised to see that I had actually spun six full rotations!”

While it’s currently subject to debate among the snowboarding community, the young Hiroto may have yet another claim to history-making fame.

Footage of the epic 2160 has sparked discussion surrounding the number of off-axis flips recorded, raising the possibility of the world’s first quintuple cork. According to Forbes, The Nines has chosen not to officially publicise this second feat, instead opting to “let the snowboarders argue among themselves if it was a quint.” Fair play.

Check out Hiroto Ogiwara landing the world’s first backside 2160 for yourself above + below.


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