Team USA’s Winter Olympics Uniform Is Inspired By NASA

With the 2018 Winter Olympics around the corner, Team USA has reunited with regular design collaborator, Burton, to bring some truly memorable threads to the snow. The official uniform is an “All-American tribute” to the NASA space program, paying homage to the iconic look with multiple references.

“I have always loved the astronauts’ suits,” says Greg Dacyshyn, Burton’s head of design for the Olympic uniform project. “Because not only do they have such a cool and amazing aesthetic, they also were designed to function under the most extreme conditions.”

The jacket and pants are constructed from a unique blend of lightweight aluminium-coated fabric that is waterproof, and even deflects both light and sound. A necessity for the brighter days on the snow when the sun quite literally glares back at you. One look at the Dyneema onesie will confirm how it certainly looks every bit the part of a moonsuit.

Additionally, the inside of the jacket will include essential Korean phrases like “Wish me luck!” and “Do you speak English?” that will more than definitely come in handy for the travelling athletes. Burton has also revealed latest edition hats, gloves, tees, and a backpack to complete the collection.

“My hope is that these pieces help the athletes go where no rider has gone before,” says Dacyshyn.

It’s sure comforting to know that even if Team USA doesn’t get the gold during the games, they’ll be winning all kinds of prizes in the fashion department.