The Bloke Running 222 Half-Marathons From Hobart To Cairns For Charity

the 222 run

For many, completing a single half marathon is a gargantuan effort, worthy of a celebratory Instagram post and half a dozen “recovery” pints. For Lachlan Spark, running half marathons is how he’s going to spend most of 2022 as he looks to run 222 consecutive half marathons to raise much-needed funds for mental health charities.

Such a mammoth effort requires an equally mammoth level of motivation, which Lachlan found amid his own mental health struggles over the decades. He first had the idea to run the length of the east coast of Australia back in 2015, but never found the time to plan or train for it amid the challenges of running a Sydney-based creative agency.

Now, after two years with plenty of time to consider the adventure, Lachlan has taken the first steps in his 4,500-kilometre-plus journey, beginning his run on February 2nd in Hobart. If he successfully completes his 222 consecutive half marathons, he’ll claim the Guinness World Record for the most ever run, eclipsing the previous record of 133 set in 2021.

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Now 90 days into the 222 runs, Lachlan has passed through his home city of Sydney and is continuing north, already banking 1,900 kilometres. His effort has also banked nearly $50,000 in donations from his supporters and sponsors, all of which are set to bolster the charity work of R U OK? and Heart On My Sleeve.

Lachlan still has a long way to go before he reaches the sunny streets of Cairns, and if he doesn’t miss a day of running, he’ll arrive on September 12th. This means there’s still plenty of time to donate to his cause, or simply reach out to him and offer a word of support. It’s a long road ahead, but nothing compared to the road he’s already taken.