Arnott’s Teases The Release Of Shapes Perfumes

Before the hype of both Shane Warne’s SW32 fragrance and VB’s novelty scent were even given a chance to die down, Arnott’s has decided to reveal their own contenders in the olfactory game with Shapes perfumes.

Cheese & Bacon… Chicken Crimpy… Pizza… soon, you may have the chance to smell like your favourite biscuit flavours. As well as leave her wondering where the fuck you’ve hidden away the open boxes in your apartment.

“Carefully bottled to capture the essence each crunch brings to you, we guarantee there is no substitute for the love you’ll both share with #ShapesPerfume,” Arnott’s wrote via Instagram post.

The bad news? There may be a bit of a wait ahead of us. Speaking to, an Arnott’s spokesperson stated that while the Shapes perfumes haven’t been materially created just yet, “Aussies might have to keep their eyes peeled in the fragrance aisles.”

“Arnott’s Shapes has always been known for its “Flavour You Can See”. We wanted to have a bit of fun and tease the concept of “Flavour You Can Smell” – similar to when you open a box of Shapes – to see what reaction Aussies would have to wearing the scents of our most delicious Shapes flavours.”

In other words, this was a cheeky bit of market research and if we make it clear that everybody’s down to clown, we’ll definitely get what we’re asking for. Gotcha. Well, you heard the spokesperson, let’s make some noise…