Byredo Dips Further Into Fashion With New Luxury Sunglasses Collection

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Sweden-based niche luxury fragrance house Byredo is already in a strong position, with the high-end perfumery market booming and successful collaborations over the past years with everyone from Our Legacy and Off-White to even IKEA. No doubt you’ve come across the label’s premium scented candles or perfumes before, but the brand’s lesser-known move into luxury eyewear may have flown under the radar for some. In 2019, Byredo’s sub-label, Byproduct, debuted three signature styles of sunglasses, a tight but solid collection known as Solaires. Just this week, Byredo introduced some more signature styles, conceived as the Byredo Byproduct 34 sunglasses collection and furthering the fragrance house’s ambitions to become much more than a reliable beauty brand.

The Byproduct 34 signature eyewear collection extends to three very attractive styles, from the small round lenses of the Usami and the modern geometric lenses of the Madea to the aviator-esque Niiro. Available in shades of brown, pink and black, the Byredo sunglasses manage to hammer that balance between a reasonable price point (you’re looking at ~AU$$367) and a super premium aesthetic cobbled from top-tier materials like Japanese titanium frames and mineral glass lenses.

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The details are stunning. Although that’s expected from Byredo, which has become a coveted label for anyone looking for luxury products that are both accessible and consistent. The modern trapezoidal shape of the Maeda, for example, is so subtle and seamless for fans of more eccentric sunglasses, while the Niiro is perfect for aviator lovers who crave that kind of vintage touch to their overall look.

The Byredo sunglasses make use of both traditional and technologically advanced methods of eyewear construction, with frames handcrafted by artisans in Fukui, Japan. That’s long been known as the epicentre of luxury eyewear craftsmanship, as far back as 1930s, so Byproduct 34 comes with the same kind of guarantee as other high-end sunglasses brands like Oliver Peoples and Persol.

As with their debut sunglasses collection in 2019, the Byredo Byproduct 34 collection is available only in very limited qualities so if you’re looking to rock a pair it’d be best to act fast.

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