Check Out This Ridiculous $45,000 Diamond-Encrusted Ranch Dressing Bottle

US condiment company Hidden Valley recently went all out for National Ranch Day (yes there’s a day for that), with a follow up to their keg sized bottle offering. To celebrate the affair which happened this past Friday, they managed to draw from the British to immortalize the American classic in the most ridiculous way possible. 

Getting the full royal treatment, the exorbitant glass Hidden Valley Ranch bottle is worth US$35,000 and encrusted with 75 carats worth of diamonds, along with sapphires and 18-carat white gold. The first major question is how can you view this thing? Well, one version of the bottle will be sent on a tour overseas, while another version will be given away to a fan of the dressing. So whilst some may think ranch to be a lacklustre dressing, it’s still being admired as the best of the best.