The Louis Vuitton Foosball Table Will Set You Back US$75,000

Being a baller doesn’t just involve an astronomical bank balance, it’s also an attitude… but if we’re being real here, it’s mostly the bank balance. I don’t know where I was going with the whole “attitude” angle. Regardless, a Louis Vuitton Foosball table wrapped in the iconic monogram print is now available for purchase. And to absolutely no one’s surprise, this heavily branded piece of kit comes with a US$75,000 price tag.

In terms of functionality, I don’t know what to tell you; it’s a foosball table that works – get this – exactly like a foosball table. The exorbitant pricing is almost solely for both the craftsmanship and the LV branding.

The chosen material extends all around the body of the table, with each corner apparently being decorated with hand-applied edge-dye. The skewered players are also hand-painted – modelled after the Louis Vuitton “Groom” character from the fashion house’s 1921 advertising campaigns. Additionally, there’s gold-coloured hardware and enamel counting coins.

The “entry-level” iteration you see pictured above is mostly comprised of canvas (60% canvas, 20% cowhide, 10% wood, 7% metal, 3% rubber). Those not content with humble canvas, however, may opt for a leather version of the Louis Vuitton Foosball Table – which effectively bumps up the total price to US$93,000. While obviously more expensive, as you can see below, the leather version is far more subtle.

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