The Louis Vuitton Poker Set Can Now Be Yours… For $32,500

If you have any – and I really mean any – lingering impulses to step up game night with the lads, might we suggest this incredibly luxurious Louis Vuitton Poker Set?

In recent times, the fashion house has been releasing high-end lifestyle items with eyebrow-raising price tags. Most notably, the world witnessed the birth of LV Dumbbells, which will set you back $3,600. And then there was the LV Foosball Table – currently available in the States for US$75,000.

This Poker Set appears to be just the latest hot ticket item in Louis Vuitton’s lifestyle offerings. Complete with a classic Président attaché case boasting of the iconic LV monogram design, inside you’ll find a matching deck of cards, dice, chips, and even embossed brass markers.

The case itself is simply gorgeous. Which is the least LV could offer for $32,500. With dimensions of 49cm x 31cm x 6.8cm, it’s comprised of natural cowhide leather on the exterior, microfiber lining, wooden support, “paper, brass, and resin” elements, as well as golden-metal pieces.

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