Five Versatile & Unique Men’s Wallet Styles For Your Pocket
— Updated on 22 June 2022

Five Versatile & Unique Men’s Wallet Styles For Your Pocket

— Updated on 22 June 2022
Boss Hunting
Boss Hunting

For all your men’s style needs the internet offers a plethora of guides, what-to-wears, and how-to’s. However, one department that always remains in hot contention is the wallet. A man may look the part in toe capped Oxfords, but if he’s pulling out his bulging JAG wallet from 2001 his entire façade is ruined. Unique men’s wallet styles are timeless and will compliment any look or dress code. What’s more is that along with your phone and keys, you’ll carry it every single day so it’s best that it be a good one. Here are five of the best and most relevant men’s wallet styles to consider before making this big decision.

The Bi-Fold

Surging to popularity with the decline of carrying cash, the bi-fold is, without doubt, the most unique men’s wallet styles. Card slots are usually staggered for easy access and there’s plenty of room for your cash, should you choose to still carry it. It’s slim and sleek design ensures that it won’t weigh you down too much, but should allow enough room for things like transport cards for states and countries you will probably never visit again.

YSL is renowned for luxury and this leather bi-fold is no exception. Going for $520 AUD on their website. Bellroy’s Note Sleeve is a more affordable option at $119.95 and channels your inner James Bond with a number of concealed pockets.

The Tri-Fold

The ex-king of wallets, especially back when a man was forced to carry small change. The tri-fold is still favourable with traditionalists – especially those who insist on carrying cash and coin. Furthermore, an extra compartment obviously allows for extra cards, and access to these cards may be made easier. However, it’s recommended not to begin stuffing the tri-fold with paper cut-outs and memento’s, as the wallet can begin to bulge fairly quick and is thus a poor choice for unique men’s wallet styles.

Tommy Hilfiger offers the classic brown cowhide with their signature tri-colour running down the seam. A fashion staple, at AUD $120.

The Card-Holder

A personal favourite, and a strong option for any minimalist, the card-holder does mostly exactly what it says it does – hold cards. If you’re used to electronic cash and only have a few necessary cards you wish to carry, this is the option for you. It’s sleek in design and will slide into any pocket with ease. However, there are obvious limitations to this form of the men’s wallet styles such as very limited physical room for cash and essentially no room for coins. Also be cautious of cards rubbing together. A touch of sand rubbing between two cards for an extended period of time won’t keep your fancy Amex fancy-looking for long.

Virgil Abloh’s ‘Off-White’ brand is making a big splash in the pop-fashion world. This design is a minimalist’s dream. It’s certainly not lying, and it goes for a respectable $260 AUD on Farfetch. For those desiring something a little less pop culture, Goyard’s offering makes a solid statement.

Money Clip

The adversary of the cardholder, the money clip is for the staunch traditionalist who is suspicious of modern financial technology. Though money clips are certainly a timeless fashion statement, their utility goes wanting. Unless you insist on paying for absolutely everything on cash – and by extension carrying copious amounts of it everywhere – then the money clip is best paired with one of the other options.

In regards to prices, money clips can go for all or nothing. This sterling silver clip from Blue Nile is a solid choice. If you’re the sentimental type, why not opt for an engraving? $121 AUD on the jeweller’s site.

Chequebook Wallet

Also known as the breast pocket wallet, this behemoth should be reserved only for special occasions where pockets large enough are permitted; specifically, the pockets found in suit jackets. There’s something especially classy about whipping one of these out to pay (or at least offer to pay) for dinner. Another advantage of the chequebook wallet is its sheer size – handy for documents like passports or multiple currencies. And if you are interested in taking considerable care of your currency, the chequebook doesn’t fold it like the tri-fold, bi-fold, or money clip.

Chequebook wallets will usually be reserved for special occasions. The Pianillo’s reflects the occasion with handcrafted Italian leather. Sold by Maxwell-Scott for $183 AUD.

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