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From Boss Hunting’s monthly Favourite Things column, to the best gifts to give the style lord in your life, read on for all things accessories across news, features, rounds-ups, and gift guides.

Check Out This Ridiculous $45,000 Diamond-Encrusted Ranch Dressing Bottle

King of the condiments?

Inside This Year’s $100K Oscars Gift Bag

Too big to fail takes on a new meaning when you make it in Hollywood. Even when you lose, you win.

Foil Skis’ $65k Gold-Plated Italian Skis Are For Die-Hard Shredders

The 8000-year-old bog oak is basically early stage fossilised wood, mounted with 14-carat gold bindings.

Bye-Bye Bulge With This Ultra Thin Wallet That Somehow Holds All

As much as we all love having a fat wallet, carrying it around can be a bit of a nuisance. Until now.

Everything Inside This Year’s $20K Grammy Gift Bag

Didn’t cop a Grammy? No biggie, have a $20,000 USD gift bag. Here’s everything inside the freebie collection from this year’s festivities.

Simplify Christmas With This BH Approved Gift Guide

You don’t have time to mess around – and neither do we – so we’ve cut the BS and simplified each type of man down to just one standout gift.

5 Fragrances To Keep Every Man Fresh This Summer

“Less is more” – as a hard and fast rule – should be duly applied, but you need not forego the aromatic touch just because the mercury rises.

Introducing The Shoal Tent: A Tent That Floats

SmithFly’s Shoal Tent is equal measure boat and tent. The concept is rather interesting as far as novelty camping equipment goes.

Earn Favourite Child Status With These 11 Father’s Day Gifts

Alright bosses, it’s that time of the year again. Father’s Day, also known the perfect time to treat the old…

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Accoutrements: The Style Accessories Every Man Should Own

Like a great pair of jeans, every man should have an arsenal of good quality, timeless accessories that form the foundation of your wardrobe.

8 Essential Style Tips Every Man Should Know

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