— 2 May 2023

RIMOWA’s Iconic Luggage Is Officially ‘Buy It For Life’

— 2 May 2023
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

Since 2022, RIMOWA, the esteemed German maker of suitcases and daily bags (in a range of backpack, toted, and crossbody styles) has offered a lifetime guarantee on its nigh-indestructible products. Yet another way in which the Cologne-based Maison is showing its appreciation for travellers who demand the best, the scope of this program remains pretty much unparalleled.

Where most brands do the bare minimum to meet legally mandated manufacturing warranties, the RIMOWA lifetime guarantee was formulated with a philosophy of permanence. In plain speak, that means a product warranty that accounts specifically for the emotional value travellers ascribe to luggage when it’s gone through the wringer, accompanying them on life’s most memorable journeys.

The trademark luggage “with the grooves”, a huge part of any RIMOWA case’s appeal resides in its strong yet lightweight construction. But whether you prefer the innovative touches and roomy size of the ‘Check-In L’, or can’t get enough of the capacious ‘Classic’ cabin bag in iconic silver aluminium, wear and tear is inevitable – something every seasoned flyer knows all too well. Each RIMOWA suitcase is designed to take on the shape of travellers’ adventures. Every dent, scratch, and sticker tells a story – and a powerful few of these have been masterfully captured for the Maison’s new A Lifetime of Memories campaign.

RIMOWA lifetime
Rimowa’s new ‘Essential Trunk Plus’ ($1,950) in glossy green polycarbonate – inspired by the brand’s original luggage cases – is the mark of a seasoned traveller.

The Lifetime Guarantee’s emphasis on embracing aesthetic imperfection, and the role that it plays in shaping every traveller’s style, is at the core of these four films lensed by filmmaker Fenn O’Meally. The campaign is both a tasteful product showcase (for ultra-durable trolleys like the ‘Original’ Trunk) and a love letter to the many personas who make up the RIMOWA family – gastronomists, musicians, and the artist with canvases in their carry-on.

The respective suitcases of each of these seasoned globetrotters have become synonymous with their travel identities and are adored for their imperfections. Judging by all the well-worn grooves and fraying stickers, it’s not a stretch to imagine that this is luggage that has been repaired and reinvigorated – perhaps even rescued – with the aid of RIMOWA’s longstanding client care. On a deeper level, the cases are essentially gatekeepers to their travel companion’s wealth of memories on the road, in the air, and across the seas.

“The campaign marks a new trajectory for RIMOWA as a brand,” says Emelie De Vitis, Chief Marketing Officer at RIMOWA:

“We’ve very proud to show the beauty of [our] suitcases at every stage, as treasured and loved companions that have real and meaningful lifetime memories attached to them.”

In tandem with RIMOWA’s ‘Re-Crafted’ program – an initiative that encourages clients to recycle pre-loved baggage for a leg up on their next purchase – the brand’s lifetime guarantee gives the German marque a competitive edge with those who work, play and live between borders. Beyond all of the obvious warranties that safeguard each suitcase’s functionality, RIMOWA owners are able to call upon a vast international network of in-store repairers, with more than 100 points of sale worldwide.

Running concomitant to this unrivalled global network is an emphasis on helping travellers find the “fastest and best [repair] solution” possible. That means, in stark contrast with numerous other luggage brands, RIMOWA’s in-store experts are trained to make most basic repairs on the spot – because a broken spinner wheel or malfunctioning telescopic handle shouldn’t put a dent in your itinerary.

You can learn more about the RIMOWA Lifetime Guarantee, or register your own RIMOWA suitcase (using its unique serial number) here. Please note that only luggage purchased after 25 July 2022 is eligible for this warranty.

Get lost in the beautiful world of RIMOWA in the campaign video above, and explore the core range at the link below.

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