Bye-Bye Bulge With This Ultra Thin Wallet That Somehow Holds All

A fat wallet means you’re living well. But lets face it, carrying one around can be a bit of a nuisance. Maybe you want to wear a more snug pair of jeans, a close cut of a jacket perhaps. The bulge that comes with a packed wallet is bound to ruin the lining, stretch the pockets out, and generally weight you down. 

Introducing: the P01 Pioneer bi-fold wallet from Dango. The male equivalent of a Mary Poppins travel bag that somehow manages to fit it all. “It” being up to twenty cards, a phat (with a “ph”) stack of cash, a hidden “… aerospace-grade aluminium pen…” (that comes included), and a forty-eight page notebook (also comes included). If it had any more storage capacity, you could probably rent it out in Hong Kong. The cherry on top? RFID-blocking to keep the entire package secure.

This wonder wallet is manufactured in the US, comprising of premium Italian vegetable-tanned leather. So it’s also pretty easy on the eyes. And at a current price point of $90 USD (the regular price being $100 USD), it’s extremely reasonable. Form meets function meets… affordability.

Get your very own P01 Pioneer bi-fold wallet and pen from Dango here.