Flex At Your Local Woolies With This $415 Balenciaga Grocery Bag

Woolies Balenciaga Grocery Bag

You can always count on Balenciaga for an opportunity to stunt on plebs. The fashion house’s predilection for “elevated” versions of everyday items has yielded $850 pool slides oozing with summer steeze, $2,845 lunchboxes we’ve fantasied about rocking up to the worksite with (sacred Four’n Twenty rat coffin + Oak choccy milk combo included), and now, something that stands head-and-shoulders above them both in terms of daily flexes: your very own Balenciaga Expandable Grocery Bag to show people what you’re all about during that next Woolies run.

Made from 100% nylon, bragging rights and style aside, good person points are also up for grabs. As part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, this particular shopping bag is 100% recycled. And really, the more you think about the function/purpose of a reusable shopping bag, the more you’ll come to question why using recycled materials isn’t standard practice.

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“The bag’s collapsible design and all-purpose clasp make it conveniently transportable, making it easy to always have on hand to use instead of disposable carriers,” notes the official press release.

“It becomes wallet-sized when folded and zipped into a round pouch and can hook onto almost any strap or loop. The intent of the Balenciaga Grocery Shopper is to help reduce single-use plastic.”

The Balenciaga Expandable Grocery Bag is now available to purchase for US$325 (AU$415) in three distinct colourways – red, black, and plaid. Given the price and label, you’ll probably never forget to bring a reusable shopping bag again.