The 15 Best Men’s Jeans Brands In 2024
— 15 March 2024

The 15 Best Men’s Jeans Brands In 2024

— 15 March 2024
Randy Lai
Randy Lai

From their humble origin as literal workwear through to their transformation as a symbol of 20th-century counter-culture; few items of men’s clothing illicit as many strong, varied opinions as humble denim jeans. Bearing that in mind, we’ve cobbled together a list of what we like to think of as the best men’s jeans money can buy — covering a mixture of cuts and budgets, of which (hopefully) at least one will be your new go-to.

Denim prices in Australia now being what they are, it’s imperative to buy a classic cut with a more forgiving fit. In a pinch? It’s difficult to go wrong with something in the vein of a Levi’s 502: think medium rise, straight through the thighs and a gradual taper.

Ticked off all the basics? Then scroll through our hitlist of the best jeans for men below. And remember: it’s not all $500 selvedge from Okayama. From workaday styles to the ultimate in archival reproductions, there are pairs to spare if you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans. Let’s jump in.

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The 14 Best Brands For Men’s Jeans In 2024

Nudie Jeans

best jeans for men
  • Slim fit
  • Mid-waist
  • Tapered leg
  • Slim leg opening
  • Made with ‘comfort stretch’ denim

Why We Rate It: A popular pick around the Boss Hunting office and a previous feature in our “Brands You Need To Know” series, Nudie Jeans is all about a holistic approach to denim. From the word ‘go, the Swedish label encourages you to really live in your jeans; with free repairs for life and the option to recycle and trade up into newer collections.

If you’re looking for a pair of skate/hardcore-inspired denim that goes with footwear in the mould of Vans, we suggest a pair of Nudie’s carrot-shaped ‘lean dean’ style.


A man wearing a blue shirt
  • Straight leg
  • Mid-waist
  • Size up for a ‘looser’ fit
  • Made with dry selvedge denim

Why We Rate It: A now-ubiquitous fashion label renowned for its minimalistic Parisian staples, A.P.C. (‘Atelier de Production et de Création’) sits comfortably in the sweet spot between a capital-F fashion house and a cult streetwear brand.

Known for helping to popularise crunchy Japanese selvedge, we highly recommend the label’s ‘New Standard’ cut — a straight-leg mid-rise style, which if you’re between sizes we’d recommend sizing up on.


  • Range of five versatile fits
  • ‘Comfort stretch’ slim fit styles most popular
  • Denim sourced from a range of European mills

Why We Rate It: BOSS has always been primarily known for its men’s tailoring and sportswear, but in recent years, the brand has made expansive inroads into the realm of denim jeans.

A great option for men who desire a deep array of choice in their chosen denim brand, there are literally dozens of subtly differentiated styles in the BOSS lineup.

The brand is particularly adept when it comes to nailing washed colourways, with our personal favourite being this Americana-inspired mid-blue number or the ‘grey’ regular fit cut (that’s closer in tone to a twice-washed black).


A man wearing a suit and tie
  • Slim fit
  • Straight-cut below knee
  • Low rise
  • Made with ‘stretch’ selvedge, co-developed by Kaihara Denim

Why We Rate It: Reputed for making some of the best high street basics at an affordable budget, Uniqlo’s denim offering is an embarrassment of riches when you consider its sub-$100 price point. Manufactured with just the tiniest bit of ‘stretch’ for additional comfort, we’re big fans of these slim-fit jeans which are the product of a storied (and ongoing) partnership with Kaihara Mills — the latter of whom have been making legendary Japanese selvedge denim since the early 1950s.

Rag & Bone

A man wearing a suit and tie
  • Mid-rise
  • Taper through thigh
  • Narrow leg opening
  • Made with 10 oz. stretch denim

Why We Rate It: Founded by a pair of British expats in New York, Rag & Bone was, for many menswear nerds, the gateway drug to expensive leather motos and raw denim. Even years on, the label’s ‘Fit 2’ jeans – tailored through the seat with a narrow leg opening — remains a certified best-seller — made for the every day in a versatile 10 oz. Japanese denim.


A person standing posing for the camera
  • Mid-rise
  • Regular fit through seat and thigh
  • Iconic ‘5 pocket’ styling
  • Made with medium indigo denim

Why We Rate It: The certified OG when it comes to American blue jeans, Levi’s has been crafting denim since 1873 – when the eponymous founder crafted the world’s first slice of indigo workwear. Even with multiple diffusion brands and dozens of models under its belt, when you shout “Levi’s” most people will follow with a name-drop of the 501s.

A classic straight-leg jeans with a higher rise, it’s a great cut that caters to a surprisingly wide audience. So whether you’re part of the sport coat and button-down crowd, or prefer Converses and faded tour tees, the 501 is the kind of jeans that will never let you down.


best jeans for men
  • Mid-to-high rise
  • Moderate taper
  • Denim is shuttle loomed
  • Fabric dyed using AIC’s own custom washing process
  • Made with 13 oz. Italian selvedge

Why We Rate It: Although the conventional wisdom amongst denim heads suggests one should always endeavour to buy raw denim, London menswear stalwart Anglo-Italian runs headlong in the opposite direction with its comfortable and raffish ‘AIC’ denim range.

Bleached in the shop’s own array of classic custom washes, this is denim fit for a Riviera-dominating Italian industrialist. Cut with a medium-to-high rise and a lower leg that tapers gently, it’s the sort of model that looks good under a tee, and yet one that I wear constantly with tailoring.

Acne Studios

  • Mid-rise
  • Tapered thigh
  • Flared through lower leg
  • Made with washed, mid-weight denim

Why We Rate It: Originally founded in 1996 as part of the wider ACNE creative collective, Stockholm label Acne Studios has since gone on to become a favourite of fashion insiders all around the globe. Founder and Creative Director Jonny Johansson first popularised the brand with his now-legendary ‘100 pairs’ of red-stitched jeans (given to family and friends).

Since then, denim has remained a core pillar of the business, with styles like the tapered ‘1996’ evoking the heady days of pre-millennial Scandi cool.


A man wearing a suit and tie
  • Classic fit
  • Mid-rise
  • Moderately tapered leg
  • Made with 13.5 oz. Japanese selvedge

Why We Rate It: The brainchild of legendary workwear designer Ichiro Nakatsu, orSlow is yet another label in the canon of Japanese heritage brands dedicated to resurrecting (and improving) archival clothing.

The ‘107 Ivy League’ has been a bestseller since Orslow’s inception – modelled closely by Nakatsu after a pair of vintage Levi’s 505s pulled from the designer’s personal archive. Crafted using 13 oz. ‘white line’ selvedge, my view is that these are one of the most satisfying and sturdy ways to wear denim, that’s guaranteed to get better with time.


A man wearing a suit and tie
  • Mid-to-low rise
  • Narrow, straight fit
  • Fabric treated using Momotaro’s signature ‘One Wash’
  • Made with sanforized 15.7 oz. selvedge

Why We Rate It: One of the most widely known diffusion labels under the Japan Blue umbrella, Momotaro is a premium maker of denim jeans that needs little introduction.

Washed on the shores of Okayama using ocean water (seriously), and cut from the brand’s heavy-duty 15. oz sanforized denim, the ‘0705SP’ model is possibly the last pair of jeans you’ll ever buy — at least, out of necessity.


A person standing posing for the camera
  • Mid-rise
  • Slim, tapered fit
  • Made in California
  • Made with 14.75 oz. Japanese denim

Why We Rate It: Another cult-y workwear label hailing from America’s West Coast, the long-time friends and founding duo behind Tellason aim to produce only the hardiest of denim jeans for men. Their jeans are created in a hefty pre-shrunk selvedge, giving you a product that is — at least by the standards of the denim world – relatively low-maintenance.

Suitable for those who favour a slim jean with a tapered leg.

Our Legacy

best jeans for men
  • High-rise
  • Relaxed fit
  • Wide, straight leg
  • Made with washed Italian denim

Why We Rate It: One to consider if you’re interested in adopting a more fashion-forward approach to jeans for men, Swedish label Our Legacy has really come into its own over the years: doubling down on styling that combines the best of alt culture and a looser, more relaxed approach to building silhouettes.

The brand’s ‘Third Cut’ features a higher rise and is wide through the leg — not quite descending into bellbottom territory but giving you an ounce of loosey-goosey energy that works well with printed shirts, silky tees and other pieces you may own with a vaguely maximalist aesthetic.


A man wearing a blue shirt
  • Mid-rise
  • Slim through thigh
  • Tapered leg
  • Made with 12 oz. indigo denim

Why We Rate It: Another prior feature from our “Brands You Need To Know” series, Outerknown comes courtesy of pro surfer Kelly Slater and has a major focus on sustainability. The denim and production for the brand’s jeans are socially conscious at every level, passing all the way from Milan to Vietnam at the highest possible standard. They’re also offered with a lifetime guarantee and the option to up-cycle – in the unlikely circumstance that you get sick of them.

For a good balance of comfort, mobility and style, we’re happy to recommend the ‘Ambassador’ – Outerknown’s signature version of the classic slim-fit denim.


  • Modern ‘slim, straight’ fit
  • Slight taper through the knee
  • Made with 14.5 oz. selvedge, custom-woven by Kuroki Mills
  • Complimentary chainstitch hemming

Why We Rate It: With locations on both America’s East and West Coast, 3sixteen has been serving U.S. denim enthusiasts for the better half of a decade. Co-founder Andrew Chen — who’s something of a guru in the denim hunting community — prides himself on the brand’s unique relationship with mills, suppliers and its various manufacturing partners — something that comes across in the SL-100x, 3sixteen’s incarnation of the slim but straight-legged selvedge denim.

Available with (optional) chain stitching, the ‘Indigo’ SL-100x showcases the brand’s classic, navy denim. Woven in Japan exclusively for 3sixteen by Kuroki Mills, it’s everything one loves about raw selvedge (the rare fades, crispy exterior and propensity for individual character) without an agonising break-in period.

This is because the inside of the fabric — the result of a unique denim weaving process in Okayama — possesses an extremely soft hand, meaning that the SL-100x is easier to wear than your average store-bought selvedge.


mens jeans
  • ‘1991 Straight’ fit is a US bestseller
  • Wide range of vintage-inspired models
  • Made using ring-spun denim from Turkey and Japan

Another highly regarded mid-tier brand from the US of A (that now ships to Australia), one of the programmes that has made Madewell so popular over the last few years is its denim.

Offering a slew of men’s jeans, in no less than 5 different fits, the brand’s most popular is undoubtedly its ‘1991 Straight’: a cut inspired by the sort of roomy, classically proportioned denim that will be a comfort to many elder millennials.

The ‘1991’ alone is available in over half a dozen different washes: ensuring that buyers will have a pair for every occasion, whether that’s Labour Day-appropriate ’tile white’ or the endlessly versatile ‘Mainshore’ blue.

Found this primer on men’s jeans helpful? Then consider checking out some of our other style-related Buyer’s Guides below:

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