Who Is This Bizarre Ford x Versace Collaboration For?

In the philosophical tradition of Nietzche, I have stared into the abyss – and the abyss has stared back. And here I stand with no answers, no profounds truths, nor any semblance of catharsis – only a bizarre Ford x Versace collaboration which I have a million questions about.

There are many odd combinations between heaven and earth that make sense in the grand scheme of things. Peanut butter and chocolate. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un. Morning darts in the pool with an espresso following a big night (I believe they call that a Greek breakfast). 

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But then there are combinations that accomplish little more than – baffle. Which begs the $1,160 question…

Whomst the everliving fuck is this bizarre Ford x Versace collaboration for?

We’re well aware there are fans of Ford. And there are definitely fans of Versace. But the two married together in unholy sartorial matrimony? 

Feast your eyes on this endlessly confusing collaboration, marking itself in the collective consciousness of all who witness it with indelible psychological ink. Ford. Versace. Ford. Versace. Ford. Versace. 

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Clearly, I missed the scene in the latest Fast & Furious flick where Vin Diesel needed to blend in at Mount Panorama, because that’s the only possible scenario where this would be remotely appropriate.

To make a long story short, colour us confused. 

You can view these creations directly at farfetch.com/au – make your own judgements and report back with results in the comment section. I need to lie down.

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