The BH Podcast ‘Friday Sharpeners’: Ep. 4 Men’s Style With Jeff Lack

Following a bonkers week which included both John and Jack on the slopes, four press vehicles, a Tesla drive day and BH breaking the news on Aussie John’s decision to part ways with this $160M Superyacht Hasna, we add a new logo to the podcast, dive into our latest feature article about Love Island, discuss Chernobyl Vodka and the future of Tesla. Rounding out Episode 4 we unpack a day in the life of Australian stylist Jeff Lack before he critiques our 50 essential style tips, adding his valuable two cents. 

And the link to John’s Aurora Australis photo we mention in the podcast. 

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Thanks to our friends at RØDE for the kit, we’re using the RØDECaster Pro and RØDE Procaster mics