Gucci & Adidas’ Collaboration Is The Link-Up We Never Knew We Needed

Gucci Adidas Collaboration

The rumour-mill has been turning for months now, but finally, it can be put to rest – Gucci and Adidas have revealed their much-anticipated collaboration. First seen by the world at Gucci’s Autumn/Winter 2022 runway show in Milan, the fresh collection blends the style of retro-chic Gucci has become so well known for, with the iconic sports styles of Adidas.

The collection hasn’t hit shelves yet, but is already one of the most hyped collaborations of the year, following a number of popular link-ups by both brands in 2021. Not only did Gucci release collaborations with both Balenciaga and The North Face, but it was also the most traded luxury brand of the last 12 months, proving it can currently do no wrong.

Likewise, Adidas has been no slouch in recent months, releasing a collection with Prada, as well as a retro-inspired footwear capsule with Japanese label BEAMS to mark the Tokyo Olympics. At Adidas, retro must have remained on the mind, as Gucci debuted the new collaboration brimming with vintage flair from the double-breasted suits to the gum-soled Gazelles.

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The collection included everything from soccer goalie gloves to a corseted wedding dress, but the accessories and footwear are likely to be the hottest ticket items in the new catalogue. One can only hope that the suits are as popular, including the green embroidered GG logo suit and the blue corduroy, both with three stripes running the length of the arms and legs. They’re both strong looks, but both ones probably best convey the blend of what Adidas and Gucci respectively bring to the table.

The footwear is similarly quintessential of both brands, taking the Adidas Gazelle silhouette and adding a dash of Gucci sparkle, Featuring gum-tone outsoles with the Gucci and Adidas logos, the upper elements of the shoe collection variously feature brightly coloured velvet, suede, and even snakeskin. The Gazelle silhouette is so clean it was almost made to be used by Gucci as a canvas of expression.

The Gucci and Adidas collaboration is one born both out of a keen understanding of how to hack hype, and a shared archive of strong, sporty styles from the 70s from which to draw on. It might not be the collaboration you expected to see at Gucci’s Autumn/Winter 2022 runway, but it’s the one we needed.