The LOEWE x On Running Collaboration Is Seriously Fast Fashion

loewe on running

Unless you’re an Olympic athlete, it’s pretty hard to look good while you’re running. Thankfully, the folks at LOEWE and On Running have come together in a collaboration that not only makes you look good, but hopefully gives you a dose of Olympic running speed too.

This is the first collaboration between the Spanish fashion house and the Swiss performance footwear brand, arriving after a sustained partnership between LOEWE and Studio Ghibli in recent months that demonstrates the breadth of LOEWE’s impact. The collection includes LOEWE editions of On’s iconic Cloudventure and Cloudrock performance shoes, as well as half a dozen ready-to-wear garments for both men and women.

While the collaborators typically operate in very different lanes, both LOEWE and On Running share an interest in blending refined quality with a sustainably focused approach to production. This alone makes the two brands suitable collaborators, but if you add a mutual appreciation for dynamic patterns and colours, you’ve got a winning collection on your hands.

LOEWE on running

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Both the Cloudventure and Cloudrock running shoes are available in five different colourways, being Gradient Khaki, Gradient Grey, Gradient Blue, Gradient Orange and Space Blue. As you’d expect from On Running, performance remains a focus with the shoes boasting On’s proprietary Missiongrip rubber outsole and the Speedboard mid-sole hidden plate.

As for the clothing, they’re designed for an active lifestyle and include a t-shirt, jacket, trousers, and leggings, constructed from breathable and moisture-wicking fabrics. The garments are united by a graduated blue/white or brown/gold colour scheme, which will go a long way to making your running technique look good.

All considered it’s a compelling new collection from two European brands that are well on their way up. With a balanced focus between performance and aesthetics, it’s bound to sell quickly.

LOEWE on running
LOEWE on running
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