MONÉ Breathes New Life Into Côte D’Azur Style


If you’re looking to start a sartorially focused clothing label, Monaco is a very good place to set up shop. Because not only has it been a playground destination for the worlds wealthiest over the last half-century, but Monaco also embodies the richness of contemporary style thanks to the breadth of international travellers who seek it out. This has seen Monaco serve as the birthplace for more than a handful of young clothing labels, including MONÉ, who just dropped their Winter 2021 collection.

After the successful launch of MONÉ with their Summer 2021 collection, the brand has continued to grow over the last few months, working hard to offer a carefully curated selection of garments for their next drop. The very first piece of clothing the brand released was a 100% tensile Cuban collar shirt, complete with a vintage Monte Carlo print splashed across its surface. If you were looking for a little more sprezzatura in your wardrobe, you might just have found it.

The latest collection from MONÉ is geared towards the colder months of the year, without losing any of the sartorial excellence that the brand seeks to celebrate. The collection includes a finely knitted cream and burgundy button-down sweater (complete with another amply proportioned collar), and a crisply pressed shirt made from a cotton lace weave.

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MONÉ will have a second drop of winter selects before the end of the year, which will feature a matching cream and burgundy turtle neck sweater – perfect for any and all après ski activities. The second drop is also expected to include a cap with a matching motif to the turtle neck sweater.

If you were wondering what inspired the name MONÉ, the name is derived from Monégasque, the word used for Monaco locals, by Monaco locals. The sartorial inspiration from the modestly sized principality is as clear as it is strong, promising a bright future for MONÉ as the brand continues to grow.

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