Oliver Peoples’ 30th Anniversary Collection Gives The Classic An 18K Update

Curators of cool, Oliver Peoples, has just celebrated their 30th anniversary. To commemorate such an occasion, they have chosen to show the world some previously unseen versions of their classics. And more impressively, the label has utilised 18 karat gold, both white and regular, with each item.

The classics in question include the OP-505, the MP-2, the M-4, and the O’Malley. Each model has been upgraded on several fronts, from the technological improvements of the lens, to the manufacturing process. Attention to detail has been a key to these fresh iterations. In terms of colour, buyers have a choice of black, teal, espresso and more.

It’s remarkable to see how Oliver Peoples continues to deliver their trademark balance of chic appearances, premium construction, and air of prestige. In an age of excess, they have still managed to set the standard when it comes to luxury.

Check out the collection in the gallery above, and head on over to their site for an extra special Christmas purchase.