Patta Teams Up With Alpha Industries To Reimagine M-65 Field Jacket
— 18 August 2021

Patta Teams Up With Alpha Industries To Reimagine M-65 Field Jacket

— 18 August 2021
Nick Kenyon
Nick Kenyon

It’s been half a decade since their last collaboration, but Amsterdam-based Patta has linked up with Alpha Industries once again. It was back in 2016 that the two brands released their spin on the classic N-3B parka, so in 2021, it only made sense that Patta and Alpha Industries would reimagine the iconic M-65 field jacket.

Historically, the M-65 field jacket was first introduced in 1965 for the U.S. Armed Forces, with the Knocksville-founded Alpha Industries as one of the original manufacturers. The U.S. Army only stopped using the jacket design in 2009, and in 2019, Alpha Industries announced that they would start making the jacket again for civilian sale.

The military-inspired jacket arrives in a “Sage Green” tone with a bright orange removable ALS Liner. The orange lining could be a nod to the MA-1 flight jackets, which Alpha Industries also used to produce for the United States Air Force. The MA-1 flight jacket featured an orange lining, so that crashed pilots could reverse their jacket to be more easily seen by rescue crews.

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Instead of the unique Nyco satin that the M-65 field jacket was originally manufactured with, Patta and Alpha Industries have chosen a flight nylon material, which was the same fabric used for MA-1 flight jackets. The jacket features a Patta logo on the right chest panel, as well as the back of the bright orange removable ALS Liner, which can be worn as a stand-alone garment.

It’s a cool collaboration that blends the historical mil-spec manufacturing of Alpha Industries with the contemporary cool of Patta. Plus, the fact that the orange ALS Liner is removable and can be worn as a separate jacket means you’re basically getting a 2-for-1 in this creative collaboration.

The Patta Alpha Industries M-65 field jacket is set to drop on the 20th of August and has an RRP of €350.

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