“NLAW We Trust” – How Saint Javelin Is Supporting Ukraine In Style

Saint Javelin Ukraine

Like millions of people around the world, you’ve probably been watching the horrific footage of the invasion of Ukraine over the last 24 hours. It’s a chaotic scene across much of the country, with footage of journalists scrambling for cover as bombs drop and burning wreckages of tanks left abandoned in the streets, filling our screens. It’s tough to know how to help when we’re so far from the destruction in Ukraine, but the team behind Saint Javelin is offering a way.

Saint Javelin is a recently launched site that is fundraising to support the Ukrainian people directly impacted by the conflict, selling clothing, flags and stickers that depict a uniquely compelling icon. The image is of a Saint holding an NLAW rocket launcher, a weapon that Forbes highlighted as being potentially important if the war became bogged down in urban centres.

Over the last few weeks, the UK has been sending thousands of NLAW units into Ukraine, as well as more than two dozen paratroopers to train Ukrainian forces in operating the set-and-forget rocket launchers. Clearly, the shoulder-mounted weapon has become something of a symbol of resistance and international support of the Ukrainian defensive cause.

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With the image of the Saintly warrior, Saint Javelin is using it to raise tens of thousands of dollars over the last few days, with a total of US$30,045 raised by yesterday. The site is donating the funds to Help US Help, a federally registered Canadian charitable organisation, which focuses on “humanitarian aid and educational projects in Ukraine.”

Help Us Help has operated for nearly three decades, raising more than US$25 million in aid to help develop areas of Ukraine. The vision statement of the charity is, “Ukraine: every child empowered; every veteran supported; no one left behind,” which is a statement that needs more support than ever.

So if you’re looking for a way to help in supporting Ukraine over the coming weeks and months, the team at Saint Javelin are working hard to deliver orders and get funds to where it’s needed. You can read more about Saint Javelin and Help Us Help below.