Style Meets Function In Google x Levi’s Futuristic Smart Jacket

The last few decades saw humanity hurtling into the age of tomorrow. With what feels like technological advancement after technological advancement every other week, it’s hard to think otherwise. Devices have gotten smaller, data has gotten larger, and our day-to-day lifestyles have been revolutionised countless times over. Now, Google has linked up with Levi’s to bring yet another fresh addition to our personal tech arsenals, with the hopes of instigating a new norm.

Presenting, Levi’s ‘Commuter’ jacket in collaboration with Google’s ‘Jacquard’ technology.

This motion based, intuitive design allows for a wireless connection to your devices, so you can review messages, take calls choose music, and so much more on the go. The self-customisation option also promises of greater possibilities in order to suit the needs of the individual user. Wearable technology just took an impressive step forward in the form of a subtle tag, as the Commuter x Jacquard manages to fit seamlessly on a classic Levi’s jacket.

Could augmented clothing be the next big thing?