Tommy Hilfiger’s New Collection Is Deliciously 90’s Inspired

Tommy Hilfiger has just released a brand new collection and it’s nothing short of being deliciously 90s inspired. Think Seinfeld-chic meets clean-edged design. With a full range of articles to even a tote bag, this is one line of clothing that knows how to make a statement. Simple but significant, as Don Draper would say . 

Featuring everything from jackets, to rugby shirts, sweaters, shirts, and jeans, the signature label colours are on full showcase. The palette is rich with that iconic red, white, and blue, as well as displaying a playful splash of yellow and grey.

This is a refreshing turning back of the calendar that goes beyond mere nostalgia. It’s a masterful homage to the normcore fashion of yesteryear. And on a stranger tangent of consciousness, personally, it evokes an emotion, nay, exudes an attitude of lo-fi cool. Like when you see a grainy 35mm photo of an ex-girlfriend, or when you hear those crackle and pops of a well-worn vinyl record. 

Safe to say, this one has my money. As well as the BH seal of approval.